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07 October 2011



Good luck to you with your photography! That course sounds amazing! I've always wanted to have a DSLR and study photography. I finally got one last christmas (Nikon D3100) and I love it sooo much! If you ever wanna talk photography, I'm all ears!

Natalie Newman

I´m sooo glad you are blogging!!!!! I really enjoy reading your every single post since I am also interested in the same topics and I feel that connection that we creative ladies have! Never ever ever stop...pleeeeaaase! :D

Hugs and happy friday to you,


kirsty helen

congrats! ive been thru the same kind of thing...not knowing what to do and enjoying dabbling in a few creative enterprises...now im at uni doing postgrad literature and working towards the writer dream. feels good, doesn't it?! best of luck xo

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