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19 January 2012



I just want to say, first of all, I am really liking your blog :] Eeep! Love that oven mitt - too cute. It sort of reminds me of my viking oven mitt I thrifted awhile ago- I wish I was at my apartment to upload a picture of it, anyways... such a great find!! That tapestry/portrait is also lovely and made me laugh seeing her looking over your figurines.

Have a great Thursday!


All great finds! I would grab these things too if I found them at a thrift store, especially the hearty chip and dip bowl.

Loulou Downtown

amy schleicher

That needlepoint is amazing! The last photo is awesome. Great composition! I seriously had to do a double take.


Oh my! I love the bunnies :) And I reallly love the heart dish!!!!! *_*


Teehee bunnies bunnies bunnies! I love all those bunnies :) SO CUTE!


oh those bunnies!!! pinterest. want. love.

Evie xx


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